Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UPDATE: My Cardio Barre Workout Challenge

Feeling flexible, fantastic, and feisty! Ready for more classes!

Feel the burn! Yep, that's what I'm feeling - every time I go to my class. My instructor says a few choice sayings:

"Pain is weakness leaving the body," and "If you're muscles are shaking, it's working," and "Pain is your body changing. Fight through the burn."

Never thought of it that way. Truly. So, these little extra words bring big confidence to my workouts. Still striving to go to three to four classes a day. Eating healthfully on WW still, but slacked a little on my week long vacation. Didn't feel too guilty since I was still getting my work outs in. Not at class, but on my own.

Five pounds lighter. My endurance is totally up. Just went to Sequoia National Park and hiked several miles. A-okay and was not as sore as the rest of my family the next day. Also did some swimming and diving! Feeling just a bit more confident in my bathing suit! :) And, I'm totally more flexible. With every class, I can reach just a little bit more.

More soon.

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