Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 Reasons to Visit the Cars 2 Experience

The Fiedlers are besties with Mr. McQueen. It's true.
Cars. Cars. Cars. My son is obsessed. We've probably watched the first movie a hundred times. He literally carries around a backpack filled with his Hot Wheels brand Cars toys - Mater, Lightning, Sally, Sarge, and more. So, when Cars 2 hit the movie theaters, we were beyond excited. We were seriously desperate for some more Cars material to quote and talk about.

And, when I found out that the El Capitan in Hollywood was not only showing Cars 2 in Disney 3D but they were also opening a whole new attraction called, The Cars Experience, we were besides ourselves. Yep, even me. I could not wait to go. Uh, neither could the kid.

Last week, we all had the chance to go down and check it for ourselves. It was like a mini Disneyland - every detail from the movie was right in from of us, and we could not help but feel a a part of it all. So, without further ado, here are the top five reasons you MUST go.

Meet the REAL cars characters - Meet life-sized Mater, Lightning McQueen, Finn McMissle and more. Judging by the excitement on my son's face, this might have been worth the price of the experience. He REALLY thought they were real and he talked to them like real people. It brought tears to my eyes. SO cute.

Cars Lego Mania - Build your own lego car and test its speed and strength in a series of crazy, multicolored tracks. Ours did not do so well, but it was fun to see it "explode" into a million pieces on the way down. This was my son's favorite attraction. He spent a looooooong time perfecting the perfect car.

Paint and Go Wild - Paint and color an actual car and scenes from the movie. There are also a ton of car themed arts and crafts. SO much fun!

Get Into the Movie - Thanks to Kodak, you can become a part of the actual movie. See the picture above. You can choose from three different scenes and then download a high res version at home. FREE.

Great Deal - The entire Cars 2 Experience is included with the price of the movie, and when you think about it, this is an amazing deal for the family. Nothing in the Cars Experience costs anything (except for food and stuff in the amazing gift shop)! So, feel free to try all of the attractions again and again and again. Lightning would want you to.

For more information and a complete schedule of show times, visit the El Capitan Theater website.

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