Friday, January 28, 2011

Living in the Future

Last week, when we were chatting via Skype with Joe's grandparents, I realized something. Joe is living in the future. Or so it seems. Everything that we imagined the future might be like for us, exists in Joe's world.

He'll never know anything but touch screens. (On a side note, he called my blackberry "broken" because he couldn't make it work by running his dirty little finger across the screen.) Being able to interact with people that are thousands of miles away with the click of a button, will be no problem. He can watch whatever cartoon he wants, when he wants, and fast-forward through the annoying commercials. He'll probably ride a hoverboard in highschool. I know they already have shoes that lace themselves. Seriously. This is getting out of hand.

But what about the things he'll never know about? Here's a list, that makes me feel old just writing it:

  • Micro-fiche: Do they even still use these in libraries? 
  • Dewey Decimal System: See above.
  • Floppy Disks: You know, the big ones that actually flop when you shake them. They are HUGE. Try fitting that into your MAC.
  • Rotary Phones: I'd like to see a junior high student try to dial home with this bad boy. 
  • Laser Disk Players: Remember? The precursor to DVD players. Don't even get me started on VHS.
  • Tape Cassettes: No more mixed tapes for girlfriends. Just ipod mixes. In that regard, no more boomboxes either. Sorry Lloyd Dobler. 
  •  Answering Machines: All we have in voicemail now. Dial in. Get your message. I still have family members (who shall not be named) who talk to my voicemail like it's an answering machine, thinking I can hear them and will run to the phone and pick it up. I save these messages and listen to them over and over. 
What else will out kids never know? Help me out here! I know there's more! 

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